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Welcome to Enterprise’s Permanence Digitale platform

Dear user of the platform “Permanence Digitale du Patronat ECAM”“,

We are delighted to welcome you to our platform dedicated to entrepreneurship and business development in Cameroon. As a member or not of the Patronat ECAM, you now have access to a digital permanence that offers personalized support for all your questions and concerns related to your entrepreneurial activity.Whether you are a seasoned business leader or a young aspiring entrepreneur, Our team of experts is there to support you and provide you with relevant answers adapted to your specific needs. Whether for writing your business plan, business opportunities, networking, networking or any other business issue, we offer our expertise to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Our platform also allows you to exchange with other members of Patronat ECAM, to share your experiences, and to benefit from a strong and dynamic network. You will be able to develop partnerships, find new business opportunities and draw inspiration from the successes of other entrepreneurs.

We are convinced that digitalization is a major asset for the development of your company, which is why we created this platform to offer you a digital permanence accessible at any time, wherever you are. You will be able to make appointments, get quick and reliable answers, and advance in your entrepreneurial journey with confidence.

Feel free to explore all the features of our platform and take full advantage of its benefits. We are here to support you in your entrepreneurial success.

Welcome to the Patronat ECAM digital permanence!

ESSAME Christian, ECAM Administrator.

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